What is Montessori?

Montessori education is an educational proposal with wide international recognition. Dr Montessori developed an educational method along the first half of a twentieth century based on the scientific observation of children: the four planes of development, their potential, their interest and their skills.

Current scientific research still validates this pedagogical method as a set of elements that help children in their holistic development: mind, body and emotions.

Montessori Method can be implemented as a whole or gradually introduced in traditional school environments, enriching everyday educational practice. Any environment where children are present can be improved under this pedagogical view.

International Montessori Institute (IMI) provides the principles and the pedagogical practice of Montessori education and the current scientific shreds of evidence, to contribute with concrete proposals to improve the quality of the education.

Our courses are focused on a practical perspective of comprehensive personal work, thus ensuring the acquisition and understanding of all necessary tools to apply the Montessori education from deep domain and understanding.

  • The election and the perceived control: when we choose what we want to learn it becomes a deeper and persistant learning.
  • A structured environment has been proven to have positive effects on children’s development, it helps to build a structured brain.
  • Learn from fellow classmates eases understanding: dialogue among classmates is a key element for both, ones who teach and ones who learn.
  • The meaningful context of learning: any academic subject is susceptible to being treated as a significant learning and that improves the value of what has been learned.
  • Education must promote people’s executive functions development: to plan, to imagine, to decide, to self-correct, to be flexible, to create,… those qualities make people successful.Prizes and extrinsic motivation interfere with learning: as adults we have to foster the intrinsic motivation of the child.

Another elements of Montessori philosophy, such as stress relief or the importance of a well-balanced environment have been validated as essentials for a healthy development.