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Montessori teacher Online Course IMI

International Montessori Institute (IMI) imparts the principles and pedagogical practice of Montessori education and current scientific evidence, to contribute with concrete

proposals for professional training to improve the quality of education provided in schools.

In these Montessori Guide trainings, we will learn the principles and pedagogical practice of Montessori Education for ages 0 to 3, 3 to 6 and 6 to 12, including also other complementary approaches, such as Emmi Pikler’s practices in the area of movement and Elinor Goldschmied’s practices in the field of play.

In the stages 3-6 years and 6-12 years, these formations include all the Montessori materials of “Children’s House”, “Workshop 1, Workshop 2” and the complete Montessorian theoretical base, without forgetting the importance of the emotional and relational elements essential to achieve excellence in daily educational practice.

Student Testimonials Montessori Teacher

Modules very finished in terms of content, training teachers are always available to resolve doubts, there are different training spaces such as webinars, forums, readings, supplements and examples in the areas of training.

Camila Aliaga

The course has enchanted me, the teachers have been great and very good all, have been involved in their classes and are there for all the doubts and pertinent explanations. Very happy and happy I would return to realize with them a course of guide and I do not discard to realize some more.

Beatriz Moreno

Specialized training


All course contents are available 24 hours a day on the online campus. In addition, the student will receive didactic material at home.

Support and follow-up

In the online campus you will have access to forums where you can ask questions, private chat to get in touch with the trainers and a computer support team.


The modules will be opened as the course progresses, in each one there will be several webinars or live videoconferences with the trainers.

Montessori Albums

A personal tool to be developed during each practical module, in which knowledge acquired from each and every material and activity is recorded.

Physical and audiovisual materials

From our training center we offer all the tools for teachers to successfully implement Montessori Education in the classroom.

The Montessori method can be implemented as a whole and in its entirety or introduced little by little into traditional educational settings, thus enriching daily educational practice.

Any environment in which children are present can be improved by this vision and practice of education.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of new technologies, we have designed a high quality and rigorous training that allows for the first time a completely online format to reconcile the desire to learn with family life and work.

Montessori teacher at the International Montessori Institute

The only training centre with offices in Spain and Mexico to offer Montessori training with university recognition for the Infant and Primary stages.

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