Montessori Infant


certificate course

0-3 Years

Montessori Infant


cerificate course

0-3 Years








 950h Course taught in English

Start:  November 4, 2019

End:  October 31, 2020

Programme Purpose


Students will learn the Pedagogical Principles that guide the Montessori Method. Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to get a deep understanding of the child development from 0 to 3, including different complementary approaches such us Emmi Pikler’s free movement theories or Elinor Goldschmied’s vision of playing area. 

We want to propose an online learning program to contribute, with concrete proposals, in order to improve the quality of the education provided in spaces of early childhood, such as Kindergarten, Montessori Moms, families or any other facilitator.

“We are now concerned not so much with science as with the interests of the human race and culture, which has only one nation– the world.” –

Dr. Maria Montessori






International Montessori Institute (IMI) is a Montessori training centre with a primary purpose: to offer a classic and rigorous Montessori courses based on the main principles of Maria Montessori and adapted to the educational needs of nowadays.

IMI’s objective is to provide training firmly connected to the legacy of Maria Montessori, bringing together the best of Italian and the Anglo-Saxon tradition. For that reason, our trainers have been carefully selected by their diverse international experience, as well as private and public schools, in order to convey the richness of the Montessori method in different social fields.

This interesting combination of trainers makes IMI a unique meeting point in the world, which generates an inter-montessori dialogue ensuring loyalty to the ideas and vision of Dr. Maria Montessori.


  • To offer all the theoretical tools and practices for the implementation of the Montessori method
  • Education in spaces for children of 0 to 3 years (schools, families or other alternative educational centres).
  • The art of living educational practice, placing the child in the centre of the learning and respecting their individual physical, intellectual and emotional development.
  • Provide a space for reflection on the scientific evidence-based educational practice.
  • Live the everyday educational practice of harmony and satisfaction in everyday life.


  • Provide all of the theoretical and practical tools for the implementation of Montessori education in schools from 0-3 years of age (schools, families or other alternative education centres)
  • Know how to experience educational practice, placing the child at the centre of learning and respecting their individual physical, intellectual and emotional needs.
  • Provide an area of reflection on educational practice based on scientific evidence.
  • Experience educational practice through day-to-day harmony and satisfaction.



“Knowledge and progress came from accurate observation”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori Theory

  • Historical context of the work of Dr. Maria Montessori and temporal and geographical evolution of the method.
  • Montessori’s philosophy: The scientific method developed by Dr. Montessori with all its theoretical elements.
  • Psychopedagogy: A solid theoretical basis essential for implementing pedagogy, which is focused on the healthy development of children.
  • The adult-child relationship: the new role of the adult, the importance of observation and cultivating relationships.
  • The Prepared Environment as an educational tool, its adaptation and management.
  • All scientific evidence supporting Montessori theory, from psychology to neuroscience.

Montessori Practice

All the teaching and practical training necessary to create a Montessori space and use it with children ages from birth to age 3. Innumerable practical activities in the areas of cognitive development, motor, sensory, linguistic, social and practical life.

  • Language
  • Practical Life
  • Sensory Material
  • Movement
  • Artistic Expression

All the practice training will be done online with continuous pedagogical support and follow-up.

All areas of Montessori practice are based on the practical application of deeply personal work, thus ensuring the acquisition and understanding of all tools necessary to apply Montessori education to life and classrooms. 



E-learning and IT Support

We will provide you with a username and a password to access the Campus where you find course content, classroom forums, private chat and videos. All this with support from our IT department.

Delivery of material

All literature necessary for the proper development of training will be provided.

Montessori Album

Personal work created at the end of each practical module and records knowledge acquired objectives, personal intentions and modes of presentation to the child. It is a dynamic tool and a summary of work, which will prove useful for the student’s future in the profession.


Interactive video presentations with the faculty members where students can ask questions in real-time.

This course doesn’t include mandatory practices although we recommend you to do it, a minimum of 40 hours would be advisable. This could be a great opportunity for living the reality of Montessori classes and develop observation techniques.



Currently, around the world, there’s a wide demand of professionals with solid Montessori training to set up new projects. This is due to the demand of many families who are searching for a different and more respectful education for their children.

This program is designed for all those with an interest in early childhood from birth to age six, for example:

Technicians in Early Childhood Education

Mothers and fathers


Infant educators


Pre-school teachers

Montessori Mom

Homeschooling families



in Special Needs Education

Grandparents, family

and any other person interested in this stage of development

Psychologist, Speech therapists, Paediatrician, Therapist, Neurologists


  Qualification Degree

Students who pass the course will obtain the

Montessori Infant/Toddler level (0-3)

issued by

International Montessori Institute

Enrolment €150

Limited Places

Option A

12 instalments €242

Enrolment €150

Tuition €500 15/10/2019

1st instalment 05/11/2019

12th instalment 05/10/2020

Price €3,350

Once you have done the enrolment, we will assign you an advisor, who will put in contact with you and will send you the application form.

Option B

6 instalments €466

Enrolment €150

Tuition €500 15/10/2019

1st instalment 05/11/2019

6th instalment 05/04/2020

Price €3,350

Once you have done the enrolment, we will assign you an advisor, who will put in contact with you and will send you the application form.

Option C

Single Payment

Price: €3.350

-€167,50 (5% Discount)

-€150 (Enrolment)

TOTAL : €3.032,50

Once you have done the enrolment, we will assign you an advisor, who will put in contact with you and will send you the application form.

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