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Delivering the principles and pedagogical practice of Montessori education and current scientific evidence.
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International Montessori Institute (IMI) is a study center specialized in Montessori Education with a clear objective: to offer a classical and rigorous Montessori training based on the original sources of Dr. Maria Montessori adapted to the current educational needs, gathering in a single training center the best of the Italian tradition and the Anglo-Saxon one.

For that, we selected trainers from both profiles, thus offering our students a broad and unique view of Montessori Education.

Our teaching staff has been carefully selected for its extensive international experience, with the aim of transmitting all the wealth of the Montessori Method.

Benefits of studying in Montessori

Flexible schedules

Content available 24 hours a day.


Live video conferencing with our trainers.

Assigned mentors

Constant accompaniment and supervision.


Computer support equipment.

Payment facilities

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