Master’s degree, Postgraduate and online Montessori Training

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Master’s degree, Postgraduate and online Montessori Training

100% online Montessori Guide/Teacher Training

First 100% online training specialized in Montessori Methodology in Spain, tutors assigned, total flexibility of hours, IT support, installment payment free of interest, limited places, practices through videoconferences with trainers, audiovisual practices, albums and materials must be submitted during the training.

Postgraduate, Master’s degree in Montessori training specialising in Preschool and Elementary education.

Become a Montessori Teacher/Guide with our Master’s degree in Montessori education specialized in preschool or elementary education. Get an official and certified title by the University of Barcelona (UB), recognized in 2015 as one of the 200 best universities in the world, being the only Spanish university included in this list. All UB postgraduate courses are internationally recognized.

Get trained with us as a Montessori Teacher/Guide specialized in preschool or elementary and you will learn how to accompany the development of children from 0 to 12 years of age. Using the methodology that Maria Montessori introduce with the creation of her method and materials, a respectful education with children, which will arise their interest while they enjoy learning in a natural way.

Practice with all Montessori materials and learn how to use them correctly.

More than 1500 hours of training where you will get a great theoretical and practical basis, placing at your disposal the best faculty, a team of Montessori Teachers/Guides trainers, from the most reputable international Montessori centers, with extensive experience in teaching the method, which will accompany, guide and help you throughout the duration of the course, both the attendance and online phases.

Benefit from the company and support of other students of International Montessori Institute through our virtual campus forums, from which you can share your concerns about the method.

Enjoy the support of the IT department of IMI, which will help you throughout the course.

You will receive through our campus job opportunities from educational centers and new developing centers with the need to fill vacancies for skilled personnel in the Montessori Method.



Have all of the theoretical and practical tools to implement Montessori education in classrooms.


Enrich any educational and/or recreational space with the Montessori tools.


Help the teacher to experience educational practice through day-to-day harmony and satisfaction.


Experience educational practice placing the child at the centre of learning and sharing the pleasure of education with them.


During the first half of the 20th century Dr. Maria Montessori developed an educational method from the scientific observation of children: their different stages of development throughout life…


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