The only Montessori training centre physically based in Spain

International Montessori Institute (IMI) is a Montessori training centre with a clear objective: to provide classic and rigorous Montessori training based on the original resources of Dr. Maria Montessori and adapted to contemporary educational needs.
Our trainers have been carefully selected due to their extensive international experience, both in private and in public schools, with the objective of transmitting all of the richness of the Montessori method to different social spheres.
In life, Dr. Maria Montessori founded both the Opera Nazionale Montessori (ONM, Roma) and the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI, Amsterdam). Both institutions have transmitted her work throughout the last century.
Members of both associations worked together with Dr. Montessori, learning directly from her and continuing to develop the Montessori method in Italy, the Netherlands and many other countries around the world.
The objective of IMI is to join together these two training traditions in order to unite the work of both in a single training centre and provide training that is firmly connected to the legacy of Dr. Montessori and, at the same time, open enriching dialogue between the Italian and the English tradition.
To do this, IMI selects trainers with both profiles, thereby offering students a single and open vision of Montessori education.


Our team of trainers consists of specialists trained both in the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and in the Opera Nazionale Montessori(ONM).


As a team we are committed to providing information with the highest amount of accuracy, in line with classic Montessori education and adapting it to the modern day situation.