Enrolment Montessori Classroom Assistant 0-3, christmas promotion 🎁 🎁


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Promotion valid from 11/22/2019 to 06/01/2020 14/01/2020

This promotion can not be combined with other promotions, discounts or bonuses currently in force, with a limited number of vagas. The Montessori International Institute reserves or directs to cancel a promotion, if necessary, before the end of the campaign.


Montessori Classroom Assistant 0-3

This training programme of Montessori Classroom Assistant ages 0 to 3,  includes the main theory of Montessori, as well as the importance of the emotional and relational elements, which are essential to reach excellence in daily educational practice. It sets an overview of the Montessori working areas, in which the Montessori philosophy and the practical work are perfectly integrated; thus ensuring the acquisition and understanding of all necessary tools to apply Montessori Education.


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