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Have you ever thought about how to teach your students to read or add? How would you explain it? If you like to teach, transmit knowledge, help children develop their potential and skills, do not miss the specialization courses in Educational Neuroscience, Inclusive Education and Emotional Education, as well as the course in Educational Innovation, which in its modules covers all these topics, among many others.

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Do you want to differentiate yourself as an educator?

In education there are new challenges to face every day. School is a place where you can innovate every day and test your skills. If your calling is teaching and you are looking for something different and enriching, education online courses will allow you to broaden your knowledge and new perspectives for working in the classroom.

Training Courses: because education is the most powerful weapon in the world

Education is a fundamental factor in transforming the life of a person and of his entire community. A good teacher can change the life path of his students. If you think so and believe you can collaborate from the classroom to this change, these training courses are for you!

Why take the Educational Innovation course?

  • With the Educational Innovation course you will get a comprehensive view of the different teaching models and new methodologies to innovate in your teaching practice, as well as the tools needed to face new education challenges.
  • It is the most complete training. Its modules include Neuroscience, Inclusive Education and Emotional Education, also covering topics such as the implementation of new technologies in the classroom and creativity, among others

Why take the Educational Neuroscience course?

  • With the Educational Neuroscience course you will get to know the functioning of the brain in relation to teaching practice: how does memory work? What relationship does the brain have with emotions? How does diet affect a healthy mental life? 
  • It is very important and makes a difference that teaching staff can design teaching-learning situations from a brain function perspective. This course will enable you to improve pedagogical practice in the classroom and offer enriching learning experiences for children and adolescents.

Why take the Emotional Education course?

  • With the specialization course in Emotional Education you will acquire knowledge on the nature of emotions, their importance in education and in daily life, as well as the tools and techniques necessary for the development of emotional skills and the implementation of emotional education both in the class and personally.
  • If you are seeking to place children at the center of their learning and share the pleasure of education with them, this course is for you.

Why take the Inclusive Education course?

  • With the Inclusive Education course you will learn to identify and work with different disabilities, acquiring the basics to coordinate an inclusive environment prepared for all children, disabled or not.
  • This course provides tools for implementing inclusion and knowing how to integrate a child with disabilities in the classroom and in society in general. It is a space for reflection to understand its emotional and social implications.

Specialized Education


All course content is available 24 hours a day on the online campus.

Support and Follow-up

On the online campus you will have access to forums where you can ask questions, a private chat to connect with trainers and an IT support team.


The modules are opened as the course progresses, in each there will be several webinars or live video-conferences with the trainers.

Personalized tutorials

Students will receive help and support from trainers.

Do you want to transform your teaching practice?

The training courses offer an extension of knowledge for teachers or other professionals, such as psychologists, special educators or even parents, who want to know pedagogical elements that facilitate the educational development of the child:

  • Inclusive Education course
  • Emotional Education course
  • Educational Neuroscience course
  • Inclusive Education course

International Montessori Institute Training Center

We are the only training center with offices in Spain and Mexico to offer specialized training in Montessori Education with international validity and complementary training in the field of Education as Innovation in the classroom, Educational Neuroscience, Emotional Education and Inclusive Education.

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