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Montessori Assistant Course 0-3 years old

  • Start: 21/09/2020
  • End: 1/11/2020
  • 100% online training,
  • This training is taught in Spanish
  • Degree: Montessori Assistant IMI 0-3 years old
  • 180 training hours



This training includes the complete Montessorian theoretical approach, without missing the importance of the emotional and relational elements, essential to achieve excellence in daily educational practice; you will also learn the principles and pedagogical practice of Montessori Education for the stage from 0 to 3 years. It sets an overview of the work areas, in which the basis of Montessorian theory is perfectly integrated with practice and personal work, ensuring the acquisition and understanding of all the necessary tools for the application of the Montessori educational method.


Making the best use of the new technologies, we have designed high quality and rigorous training that allows for the first time a completely online format to balance the aim to learn with family and work life. New technologies now allow us to enjoy this flexible format while keeping a high level of quality. The objective is to contribute with concrete goals to improve the quality of education provided in the spaces for early childhood, whether these are Kindergartens, Day Mothers, Homeschoolers, families or any other.



At International Montessori Institute (IMI) we have a clear objective: to offer a classic and rigorous Montessori training based on the original sources of Dr Maria Montessori, adapted to the current educational needs.


Our team is made of more than fifty professionals who have been carefully selected for their great training and extensive international career, with the aim of transmitting to our students all the wealth of the Montessori Method. Trainers and teachers distributed in three continents, expert educators, with an extraordinary aptitude for teaching. As well as our advisory support team, which work to make IMI a worldwide Montessori pedagogy training centre of reference.



Offer the tools to deploy Montessori Education in spaces for children from 0 to 3 years.

Promote the educational practice that places the child at the centre of learning and respects its individual needs for physical, intellectual and emotional development.

Facilitate a space for reflection on educational practice based on scientific evidence.

Live the educational practice in harmony and satisfaction in everyday life.



Foundations of Montessori pedagogy

Students will have the necessary readings for training through our virtual campus.

This training offers a solid theoretical basis for putting into practice a pedagogy focused on the development of children.

  • Historical context: Work of Dr. María Montessori and temporal and geographical evolution of the method.
  • Philosophy I: Stages of development, the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, the importance of order. Movement development and oral language development.
  • The Beginnings of the Human Being: Allow the human being to be able to act for himself as one of the fundamental elements of the Montessori method.
  • The role of the assistant: Responsibilities of the assistant, cooperation between the guide and the assistant.
  • Observation: Purpose, recording and observation exercises.
  • Prepared Environment: Physical and psychological characteristics of the Prepared Environment (0 to 3 years).
  • Work areas: General introduction to Movement, Practical life, Sensory and cognitive area, Language.
  • Elaboration of Materials: corresponding to level 0 to 3.


In IMI we stand out for being a training centre that is based on the quality and rigour of all our formations, considering the reputation and international prestige that all the degrees granted by our institution have, making up the value of the certification that is attained. We offer each of our students a wide range of services, which aim to provide the necessary tools and content, to achieve their desired success. From the centre, we offer our students a wide range of services, which aim to provide the necessary tools and content, to achieve the desired success. We are aware of the effort and time you will devote to this academic year and the strategic importance of obtaining this degree for your professional development, which we certainly hope you can get at the end of the programme. We want our students to reach the highest levels of satisfaction and have an enriching experience from all aspects.


  • Technicians in Early Childhood Education.
  • Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Pediatricians, Therapists, Neurologists.
  • “Day Mothers” (caregivers of children at home up to 3 years old)
  • Homeschooler families (home education)
  • Educators for toy libraries.
  • Other educational environments.
  • Children’s educators.
  • Mothers and fathers
  • Educators in Special Educational Needs.
  • All those interested from birth to 3 years children.
  • Grandparents, families and any other professional with interest in this stage of development.


Students who successfully complete the training will obtain the Montessori Assistant IMI 0-3 years Degree, issued by the International Montessori Institute.

Degree with international recognition and validity.

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21/09/2020 - 1/11/2020


100% online


Hours of training


Payment facilities



4 installments of €144*

  • Cost of this course: €645
  • Tuition €75 to pay on 15/09/2020
  • 1st installment on 05/10/2020
  • 4th installment on 05/01/2021

3 installments of €188,10*

  • Cost of this course: €645
  • Tuition €75 to pay on 15/09/2020
  • 1st installment on 05/10/2020
  • 3rd installment on 05/12/2020

2 installments of €276,60*

  • Cost of this course: €645
  • Tuition €75 to pay on 15/09/2020
  • 1st installment on 05/10/2020
  • 2nd installment on 05/11/2020

Single payment

  • Improved price: €612,75
  • 5% discount (-€32,25)
  • Only one payment of €563,75 on 15/09/2020

* This modality entails a 1.1% TIN for administrative expenses charge, direct debit management and return of instalments.

  • In addition to the modalities of fractional and single payments, we have a personal counselling service in order to adapt to the economic needs of our students. Do not hesitate to contact us: imi@montessorispace.com
  • In case of cancellation of the training due to not reaching the minimum threshold of registered students, IMI undertakes to return all amounts paid.
  • Once the registration is done, an advisor will contact and send the student the registration form, where the desired payment option is to be indicated.
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