Montessori Assistant Online Courses

Enroll now in the Asisstant Montessori training course and get up to 200€ off!

* Valid till 10 May 2022 * 

Enroll now in the Montessori Assistant training course and get up to 200€ off!

* Valid till 10 May 2022 * 

Montessori is an educational method based on self-directed activity, practical learning and collaborative learning. In the prepared environment, children make creative choices in their learning, while the Montessori teacher and the assistant guide them through the process by providing age-appropriate activities. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore world’s knowledge and develop to their fullest potential.

Montessori environments are designed to meet children’s needs within a specific age range. Experiential learning in prepared environments leads to a deeper understanding of language, math, science, music, social interactions and much more.

Each material within the Montessori environment supports an aspect of child development, creating a match between the child’s natural interests and the activities available. Children learn through their own experience and at their own pace. They can respond at any time to the natural curiosities that exist in all humans and build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

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Advantages of becoming a Montessori Assistant

  • Becoming a Montessori Assistant is very rewarding since you will be dedicated to improving the lives of the children you work with.
  • You will have no difficulty finding employment. The demand for these types of educators exceeds the demand.
  • The salary of a Montessori Assistant is usually higher than that of another teacher.
  • You will have more opportunities for professional development.

Montessori assistant’s duties

  • Assisting children in getting ready, washing hands, putting on and taking off shoes or clothes, etc.
  • Observing children’s needs and adjust activities according to energy level.
  • Ensuring the safety and dynamics of the classroom and outdoors.
  • Administrative duties: filing papers, laminating and cutting materials, restocking supplies, etc.

Why choose our Montessori Assistant courses?

At the International Montessori Institute (IMI), you will find the best Montessori Assistant courses: 100% online trainings of up to 360 hours that focus on different stages of children.

You will learn how to assess and encourage the development of the child’s personal skills through Montessori Education. You will also take advantage of the contributions of Pikler and Goldschmied to help children’s motor skills and establish positive relationships with them.

This Montessori Assistant course will give you the option to obtain a double degree. Benefit from e-learning to train at your own pace and schedule, webinars, Montessori albums and the support and monitoring of the IMI online campus. Keep in mind that places are limited!

Objectives of IMI Montessori Assistant Courses

All our Montessori Assistant courses have in common the complete Montessorian theoretical base, without forgetting the emotional and relational elements essential to achieve excellence. You will also learn the pedagogical practice corresponding to the age of your students. The general objectives of these courses are:

Have the necessary tools to implement Montessori Education according to the age of the children.
Educate by placing the child at the center of learning while respecting their individual needs for physical, intellectual and emotional development.
Educate from harmony and satisfaction on a daily basis.
Facilitate a space for reflection on educational practice based on scientific evidence.

Specialized training


All course contents are available 24 hours a day on the online campus. In addition, the student will receive didactic material at home.

Support and follow-up

In the online campus you will have access to forums where you can ask questions, private chat to get in touch with the trainers and a computer support team.


The modules will be opened as the course progresses, in each one there will be several webinars or live videoconferences with the trainers.

Montessori Albumes

A personal tool to be developed during each practical module, in which knowledge acquired from each and every material and activity is recorded.

Become a Montessori Assistant with IMI

The scientific and humanistic approach of Montessori Education gives equal importance to cognitive, motor, social and emotional development and continues to confirm its validity from different disciplines, making it an excellent educational option for the most important stages of human development.

At IMI we offer these 100% online trainings so that our students can reconcile family and work life with the desire to be trained. New technologies allow us to take advantage of this flexible format, while maintaining a top quality level.

Our trainers have been carefully chosen for their extensive international experience, both in private and public schools, with the aim of transmitting all the richness of the Montessori Method in different social spheres.

Montessori Assistant at the International Montessori Institute
The only training centre with offices in Spain and Mexico to offer Montessori training with university recognition for the Infant and Primary stages.

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