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At IMI we have created different Montessori courses so that teaching staff and other educational professionals can specialize, online, in specific plots of the Montessori method.

Who is it for? These formations have been specifically designed for children’s educators, toy libraries, teachers specialized in special educational needs, psychologists, speech therapists, as well as any professional interested in educational innovation.

Among the knowledge necessary to specialize in the Montessori preschool stage, aid to sensory and cognitive development and movement development stand out. Choose the online courses that best suit your profile!


Montessori Course 0 to 12: from birth to adolescence

This is the most general course that IMI offers to start the Montessori methodology, from the birth of the child to his adolescence. This online course has a theoretical basis and also includes several activities and practical examples from the different areas.

This training will basically cover the different areas of the Montessori curriculum at different levels, including the adolescent community. Learn how to promote the social-emotional, intellectual and motor development of children throughout their growth.

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  • Course duration: up to 30 days to do it at your own pace
  • Cost: 24,95€

Montessori & Pikler course (0 to 3 years old)

In this training, the proposals of María Montessori and Emmi Pikler are presented and compared, emphasizing aid for movement development or postural development.

Learn how to prepare the environment at home and at school, the materials and the appropriate furniture to promote baby’s development through theoretical and practical tools and video tutorials.

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  • Course duration: up to 30 days to do it at your own pace
  • Cost: 24,95€


Montessori Course: Development of Movement (0 to 3 years old)

Movement is one of the first achievements in the child’s life, since it represents a change in the way they face the world. Physical skills have important repercussions for cognitive, emotional, and social development.

For this reason, this course focuses on the role of the adult as responsible for an adequate and safe space where the child can function with tranquility and freedom, promoting this autonomy naturally.

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  • Course duration: up to 30 days to do it at your own pace
  • Cost: 24,95€ 19,95€


Montessori Course: Sensory and Cognitive Development (0 to 3 years old)

Sensory education is a fundamental piece in María Montessori’s proposal in the first years of life. At this stage, your mind quickly absorbs everything it perceives from its environment, establishing the first thought processes.

In this course you will learn to identify the importance of exploration through the senses and you will be able to create heterogeneous experiences so that the child can begin to know his environment.

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  • Course duration: up to 30 days to do it at your own pace
  • Cost: 24,95€


Montessori Art Course: 0 to 3 years old

Montessori Arts Course for the Preschool stage. Learn to develop the expression of Music and Visual Arts in the little ones. 10-day online course.

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  • Course duration: up to 30 days to do it at your own pace
  • Cost: 24,95€



Upon completion of each of these courses, the student will receive a Digital Certificate accrediting the completion and use of the course, awarded by the International Montessori Institute as the official Montessori pedagogy training center.

For this, it will be necessary to successfully complete and pass the activities requested at the end of each module.

Opinions of our students

I loved the course in its entirety. All the resources and material were excellent and Marta’s professionalism and warmth with us has been optimal. He was delighted.

Ana Isabel

It is a complete course, interesting and with an unbeatable teacher. I have learned many things and I want more.

Ainhoa Irure



All course content is available 24 hours a day on the Virtual Campus.

Support and follow-up

On the online campus, you will get access to forums where you can ask questions, private chat with the trainers and an IT support team.


The modules will be opened progressively, each week we broadcast a Webinar, or a live video-conference with the trainers.

Personalised tutoring

Students will receive help and support from the trainers.

Stage from 0 to 3 years: The first years of life

From IMI we have created the different Montessori Courses for children from 0 to 3 years old so that this pedagogy can reach trainers and education professionals from different areas, in the form of small doses or specialties.

In addition to these basic courses, IMI also has advanced training to become an Assistant, Montessori Guide and even internationally recognized Montessori Masters, to become a Montessori specialist in the infant or primary stages.

Online Courses at International Montessori Institute

The only training center with offices in Spain and Mexico to offer specialized training in Montessori Education recognized internationally.

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