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Montessori at Home
Courses: from 0 to 3 years and from 3 to 6 years

  • 100% online courses
  • Video tutorials, content and practical exercises
  • Interactive forum
  • Couses taught in English
  • Limited places

These training courses allow the Montessori method to be introduced into homeschooling, creating a space that not only meets the needs of children, but also stimulates their growing interest.

Bringing families closer to the pedagogical model created by Maria Montessori, as well as showing them current research on parenting, focusing attention on how to meet the needs and to develop the potential of children in their environment.

In addition, during the beginning of the school stage, the good engagement between families and school is very favourable, to create bonds of security and trust.

Montessori at home 0-3: the development of movement

Tools will be provided to promote the physical autonomy of children from birth to 3 years of age. Activities that reinforce cognitive and sensorial development will be known.

Montessori at home 3-6: Going out, the source of their autonomy

Thus, the intellectual, physical and moral development of these children will be promoted.

Advantages of studying Montessori at Home

  • ✓ Parents and family members will be able to better understand the stages of development of their children.
  • ✓ Learn the importance of bobserving children.
  • ✓ Learn practical tools to apply with the little ones at home.
  • Courses according to the age of your children.

Why train with IMI?

  • ✓ They are courses that are 100% online, so they can be studied anywhere.
  • Flexibility to reconcile work and family life with training.
  • ✓ Trainers with extensive experience in Montessori pedagogy training.
  • ✓ International Montessori Institute offers courses with an international reputation.

Specialized training


All course content is available 24 hours a day on campus online. In addition, the student will receive teaching materials at home.

Support and follow-up

Private chat to contact the trainers and the support team.

IMI online campus

In the online campus of you have access to all the necessary content for the course.

Online forum

Forum of the course in which to ask questions and resolve doubts.

Montessori Courses at Home


Upon completion of any of these Montessori at home courses, many of our students want to continue training in the Montessori methodology.

For this reason, we have other higher education, such as the Guide and Montessori Assistant. They are degrees with validity and international recognition with which you can work in Montessori schools around the world.
Check our available training to obtain your degree!

Montessori at Home Courses, from IMI

International Montessori Institute is the only Montessori methodology training center with offices in Spain and Mexico, with university recognition for the Infant and Primary stages.

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