Advisory Service for Schools

There is an increasing supply of courses worldwide, a positive factor that reflects the interest and noticeable results of this methodology, as well as a great opportunity for its outreach.

However, these formations are not enough to create and develop a well-implemented Montessori environment. Technical support, accompaniment and advice provided by an experienced centre is necessary to lay the foundations for the new Montessori project.

Similarly, those who have already started a Childhood Education project and must face the difficulties of introducing Montessori in Primary School, also need trained guides, support and counselling for the development of the environment and proper educational practice.



As our children are the final receivers and those who are harmed, it is our main interest that all those who decide to be part of the Montessori community follow the standards which a proper and successful practice of the methodology is based on.

International Montessori Institute (IMI) was established with the main purpose of giving continuity to the great work initiated by Dr Maria Montessori. We are a centre specialised in Montessori education with a clear objective: to offer a classic Montessori training based on the original sources of Dr Maria Montessori adapted to current educational needs.

Our teaching staff has been carefully selected for their extensive international career and experience, with the aim of transmitting all the wealth of the Montessori Method and offering our students a broad and unique vision of Montessori Education.

This combination makes IMI a unique Montessorian meeting point in the world, in which an inter-Montessorian dialogue is generated in order to ensure fidelity to the ideals and vision of Dr Maria Montessori.


With that same purpose, we offer you our service of advising, counselling and support of schools as well as Montessori environments, always maintaining, continuing and ensuring to keep the guidelines set by Dr Montessori.


Counselling service

In our line of advice we can help you in:

  • The beginnings in the creation and development of a Montessori educational project.
  • Training, accompaniment of guides in the work classrooms.
  • Design of Montessori environments in the classrooms for stages 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 years.
  • Provide all the Montessori furniture and materials needed for different environments.
  • Training and support for the management of the educational center.
  • Training and support for classroom management.
  • Help in the implementation of the Primary stage in Montessori.
  • Training for parents as support for the educational centre, as well as for the continuity of training at home.
  • Advice, counsel and Monitoring of Montessori practice (0-3, 3-6, 6-12).


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