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Master’s Degree in Montessori Education

International Montessori Institute (IMI) provides, through these trainings, the principles and practice of Montessori Education for the infant and primary stages in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (UB). From a classical Montessori perspective, our objective is to contribute, with a global pedagogical proposal, to the quality of education and treatment of children.

Once this training has been completed, the student will obtain, in addition to the Montessori Master’s degree in Education, the Montessori Guide certificates for the 0 to 3 age group and for the 3 to 6 age group, and in the primary specialisation, the Montessori Guide certificates for the 6 to 9 age group and for the 9 to 12 age group, which enable them to work in Montessori Schools all over the world.

  • This programme is taught in Spanish


Specialized Training


All course contents are available 24 hours a day on the online campus. In addition, the student will receive didactic material at home.

Support and follow-up

In the online campus you will have access to forums where you can ask questions, private chat to get in touch with the trainers and a computer support team.


The modules will be opened as the course progresses, in each one there will be several webinars or live videoconferences with the trainers.

Montessori Albums

A personal tool to be developed during each practical module, in which knowledge acquired from each and every material and activity is recorded.

Testimonials Master Montessori Students

Good choice of teaching team and good workspace.

Sasha Lee

Quality content in training. I really liked the teaching staff.

Lydia Fernández

Master Montessori Career Opportunities

There is currently a great demand all over the world for professionals with a solid Montessori background to start new projects, given that many families want a “different” and more respectful education for their sons and daughters.

The knowledge acquired is applicable to a wide range of professionals.

Master Montessori at the International Montessori Institute

The only training centre with offices in Spain and Mexico to offer Montessori training with university recognition for the Infant and Primary stages.