Frequently asked questions about the seminar on emotional relationships in the Montessori educational system.

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[gdlr_tab title=”Where do the seminars take place?”]

We take our assistants’ and trainers’ comfort very seriously. Only in a comfortable environment will we succeed in creating a relaxed atmosphere, vital for the development of the training, and so our seminars are usually held in 4 or 5-star hotels. Our aim is always to choose a venue which is as centrally located as possible in order to maximize attendance.


[gdlr_tab title=”When will the seminar venue be announced? Will we be informed?”]

Although capacity is limited, we need to know the approximate number of participants so we can book a suitable venue. This part of the process is not normally finalised until four or five weeks before the seminar; once the venue is confirmed we publish the details on our website and social networks, and all the registered participants receive notification via email with all the contact details of the hotel where the seminar is to be held.


[gdlr_tab title=”Who teaches the seminar?”]
Our team of trainers has over 20 years’ experience in the education sector, dedicated to training Montessori guides, as well as management and coordination of several national and international Montessori centres.

[gdlr_tab title=”How much does the seminar cost?”]

The price of the seminar is €180


[gdlr_tab title=”How can I pay?”]

Payment can be made by credit card at the time of registration or by bank transfer. When registering, if you choose the bank transfer option, our account details will appear and you may make the payment any time up to a week before the seminar.


[gdlr_tab title=”Will I receive a payment receipt or invoice?”]

Once payment is received, the administration department will issue a payment receipt via email.


[gdlr_tab title=”What is the deadline for payments via bank transfer?”]

The seminar must be paid for a minimum of one week in advance, but we recommend completing your payment earlier as sometimes the transfer can take several days to become effective.


[gdlr_tab title=”Once payment is made, are there any further steps? “]

No, once payment is made there are no further steps.


[gdlr_tab title=”I have more than one Montessori seminar on my order, how can I change the number of seminars in my order? “]

To change the number of seminars or products in your order, please go to: //