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Nowadays parents are increasingly approaching Montessori looking for a more respectful pedagogical system and in line with the integral development of their children. The educational centres applying this methodology are constantly growing, but the lack of training might end up worsening the practice, not in accordance with the theory and bases of Dr María Montessori. In turn, families and parents have more information and knowledge and also demand for greater rigour and monitoring in the implementation of pedagogy and work environments in Montessori centres.



Continuing with the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, at International Montessori Institute we defend an educational proposal whose mission is to provide the necessary help for children to achieve a harmonious development of skills, knowledge and attitudes; that are autonomous, but also able to integrate into social life.

Being part of our network of associated centers carries a great responsibility for us, both with our associated centers, and with interested families, as it represents a symbol of trust, recognizing through this accreditation a center with an educational system where children they become the center of everything, respecting the different learning rhythms, focusing activities at that rate, giving them confidence and self-confidence; also providing the necessary tools to develop fully.

  • To achieve this, we practice and promote respect as a fundamental value, in a space where error is possible, amended and a source of learning. We ensure the interests of our students, neutrality and tolerance.
  • We foster dialogue and good treatment among all members of the educational community, based on criteria of justice, rationality, transparency, participation and respect for diversity.
  • Our teaching team, in addition to having the Montessori study certification in all its different stages, most have a professional education related to education, backed by more than 35 years of experience in general management.


Advantages for Associated Centers

Being an associated center of the International Montessori Institute entails attached a series of rights and obligations, as well as multiple advantages and benefits such as:


  • Authorization to use our distinctive signs on its website, posters and nameplate at the entrance of its center.
  • Discounts in our training for members of the teaching team of the center.
  • Discount on Montessori materials and necessary furniture for Montessori classrooms and spaces.
  • Advisory and support center.
  • Training and accompaniment of their guides in the work classrooms.
  • Development of specific training for the center if requested.
  • The associated centers will also have an exclusivity zone, in which the International Montessori Institute undertakes to respect its area of ​​influence, not granting its identification to another requesting center, etc.



Requirements to be part of the Associated Centers’ network

The requesting center must meet a series of basic requirements, among others:

  • Apply 100% Montessori pedagogy in your facilities.
  • Have spaces and Montessori material necessary to apply pedagogy in their facilities.
  • Staff must be qualified in Montessori training, although some team members may also be in the process of training.

On the contrary, if Montessori education is not currently applied at the requesting center, but is interested in converting to pedagogy, thus adapting its spaces and training the teaching team, we can previously elaborate jointly through prior advice, an action plan and development, which would receive support, accompaniment, training and finally accreditation as an associated center.


Certified as an Associated Center to International Montessori Institute

We also offer the possibility of obtaining registration as an associated center to the International Montessori Institute, thus joining our network of associated centers.
You can identify your center through registration code and badge, as a guarantee of quality for your school and trust for families looking for a more respectful pedagogical system and more in line with the integral development of their children.
In addition, it ensures that in its educational center 100% Montessori pedagogy is imparted with all its wealth and benefits for training.
As an associated center, you can enjoy different advantages such as discounts on materials, furniture and bonuses in the training of the educational center human team.

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