International Montessori Institute (IMI)

is a Montessori training centre with a primary purpose: to offer a classic and rigorous Montessori courses based on the main principles of Maria Montessori and adapted to the educational needs of nowadays.

IMI’s objective is to provide training firmly connected to the legacy of Maria Montessori, bringing together the best of Italian and Anglo-Saxon traditions. For that reason, our trainers have been carefully selected by their diverse international experience, as well as in private and public schools, in order to convey the richness of the Montessori method in different social fields.

This interesting combination of trainers makes IMI a unique meeting point in the world, which generates an inter-Montessori dialogue ensuring loyalty to the ideas and vision of Dr Maria Montessori.

Our mission
Our purpose is to ensure Montessori Pedagogy reaches public schools. This is our step toward achieving Montessori education for all children. A Montessori classroom is a prepared environment where children interact with each other and develop their potentialities. Children became the center of everything. In each child, learning rhythms are different so the activities must be focused according to that rhythm, for this reason, they must be personalized.
Our vision

We have strengthened our links with public and private partners, both national and international.  This drives our growth and helps us to actively continue creating further courses. One of our greatest challenges is to consolidate and increase our worldwide presence. To this end, we do Montessori courses in person in different countries and continents. The implementation of new courses in different languages, such as English, Italian and soon Portuguese, will lead us to offer Montessori Pedagogy beyond our borders.

Our values

Our core values and ethical principles are the same as Dr Montessori had in life. They set the underlying principles of our culture. We are focused on the child. We believe in a peaceful society. A society based on relationship patterns from childhood, based on autonomy and self-esteemed, giving children all the necessary tools to let them fully develop their potential, in what Maria Montessori called “cohesion in the social unit”.

The flexibility of new technologies and the high quality of our master’s degree courses and online training programmes has made us the Montessori reference centre to become a Montessori Teacher/Guide. Our remarkable faculty and professional staff encourage us to position ourselves as a centre in which its students can fully trust and depend on.

Montessori Pedagogy has worldwide spread since the opening of the first Montessori school in Rome, in 1907. Nowadays there are more than 25,000 Montessori schools all over the world. Maria Montessori renewed the education system creating pedagogical materials suited for learning. She believed in the idea that if something had to change was the school, not the child.

Being an IMI student you can apply for a job offer through our Virtual Campus.  We receive many job offers from national and international Montessori schools.

Over 2017 we have had the great pleasure and privilege of having more than 1,700 new students who have passed through our classrooms. Students coming from Asia, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Germany, France, England, etc. and also, from Spain.

Further, most of our students, before ending their training programmes, are working in different national and international Montessori schools such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Mexico, United States, Argentina, France, Germany…

Learn with us how to be a Montessori Guide from birth to age 3, from 3 to age 6 and from 6 to age 12. You will learn how to mentor children during their development, using Montessori methodology. A respectful method created by Maria Montessori, which awakens their interest, through Montessori philosophy and materials while they enjoy learning.

Montse Álvarez

General Directorl

Antonio Álvarez

Executive Director

Adela Vizcaino

Pedagogical Director

Jessica Losada

Deputy Director

Pau Pous


John Ragels


Anabel Moreno

Consultancy and Orientation Spain

David Vernet


Nico Salzando

Consultancy and Orientation Italy